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Conceptual Dog Training System

"Imagine play is training and training is play"

Play shapes behaviour using natural canine motivators.


What is concept dog training? We teach you how to use play activities and games that train your dog and form new behavioural patterns. This is a new model for dog training which is totally force free and punishment free. We show the dog owners how to use our play concepts so that they can train their dogs. We have found it is far more effective than standard training and believe this is the future of dog training due to it being the kindest yet most effective training system.

Don’t train in the situation, train for the situation. We have all seen dog trainers on the TV resolving dog issues with aversive corrections and acting like the pack leader but our methods totally negate the need for any of that forceful style of dog training. Many dog trainers claim to be non-aversive but in truth when a dog is misbehaving they very often simply do not know what to do other than react in an aggressive way. What we are offering may be a little more expensive but our experience tells us that it is far more effective and fun for both you and your dog.

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Obviously, dogs love to play, so using our play strategies we get far more engagement from them. While giving us their full attention they are learning for real life situations that we all encounter as dog owners. Yes they become the well behaved companions we all love and want by our side.

We use modern, humane, force free, science-based training.  People often think this means no shock collars or that our methods are ineffective but the truth is quite the opposite.  Remember we have actually taken the time and money to study this amazing species, how they communicate, their behaviour patterns and how they learn things. Our last training was completed August 2021 and we are involved in continuous training at this time to keep learning. We pass this knowledge onto our clients for them to practice with their dogs.  

A dog who displays bad behaviour is just reacting to circumstances and the stimuli within their environment. They don’t understand our human rules, etiquette and boundaries and they are trying to understand our language too. So just like a child learning, you have to make it fun, exciting and stimulating. Imagine that play is training and training is play – no need for shouting or boot-camp military-style obedience methods. All treats are part of your dog’s daily food allowance which helps make it one of the most intelligent ways of training.

Different types of dog trainers

There are different types of dog trainers, some want dogs to obey their commands and understand who is in charge with forceful and aversive techniques. Other types of trainer will bribe dogs with heavy use of treats to get a behaviour they want and whilst there may be some overlap between all of us Doggy Coach uses play concepts to shape behaviours, build a powerful bond and confidence in your dog so that you can really nurture your relationship in a loving way. Things that are enjoyable we want to do again and again but things that are unpleasant we avoid. As play is something dogs want to do all the time you can train whenever your dog wants to play… all the time.

Doggy Coach is a dog behavioural training service based in Boston south Lincolnshire. We are different in our approach so we do not run classes as such but instead work with individuals or very small personalised groups which will enable us to give you and your dog the best level of attention. Each dog is different and we assess every dog we help in order to ensure we are doing the right things to achieve the best results. Each person is guided in the activities and games needed to train your dog in this new and exciting way. You will learn how to reshape your dogs behaviour in the most fun and enjoyable way for both of you.

Have fun with your dog, it's what they live for.

Old fashioned dog trainers may talk about gaining respect by asserting dominance in order to achieve an obedient dog. Then there is a other type of trainer who rely on heavy use of treats walking around with a treat pouch and whilst we use food as a reward it is part of the dog’s normal daily intake because we recommend you do away with the dinner dish and feed your dog by hand using those morsels as rewards for good behaviour and playing training games.

The outdated training styles are being replaced with new concepts and techniques which provide a more caring responsible way for your dog to learn. It’s not just a dog training system it’s a whole new dog relationship ideology.

Get in touch to find out more

Feel free to get in touch and ask us questions about your dog or puppy. Let’s have a chat and see what we can do to help. We offer one-to-one training sessions to ensure that you and your dog gets complete attention for the period. We like to keep the sessions short which helps keep it as enjoyable as possible for your dog too.